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Do you feel you need prompt or rapid psychiatric attention? Have you contacted psychiatrists offices, even your own, only to discover that the next available appointment is months away?

Are you facing a crisis regarding a substance or alcohol abuse issues which needs to be addressed today? Have you visited a drug and alcohol treatment center only to discover that you will need to be isolated from your family and absent from your work for weeks, with no cell phone and highly restricted land line communication?

Are you overwhelmed with symptoms of panic, anxiety, or depression, and cannot seem to obtain an effective medication regimen quickly enough? Have you been in remission from a psychiatric disorder but now find yourself in need of immediate assistance to manage relapse symptoms?

An emergent telepsychiatry appointment offers a comfortable and expeditious resolution to the need for rapid assessment. This appointment is conducted through the use of your own computer or iPad, in the comfort of your own home, without having to come to the doctor’s office. A face-to-face evaluation is conducted online and treatment options are discussed.

For more information on this evaluation and treatment strategy contact gbuschmd@mac.com.