Concierge Services, Detox: Alcohol Addiction and Drug Abuse Treatment

Confidential Concierge Drug Detoxification Treatment

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Call 713-505-7132 or 713-206-1233 arrange a same or next day appointment.

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Detoxification and Substance Abuse Treatment from Home

Concierge Care:
  • Involves a single payment at the outset of treatment and covers 12 months of care
  • Allows easy and direct contact with Dr. Busch, it's his official Detox Clinic.
  • Is confidential, safe, and effective
Contact our reps for immediate detox treatments for opiate, heroin, & cocaine drug addictions. 
If you struggle with withdraws Call 713-505-7132 or 713-206-1233 arrange a same or next day appointment.

In Concierge Care, you are:
  • Not part of a group
  • Don’t have to jump through hoops to get the help you need
  • The center of attention

You will receive a treatment and program designed specifically for yourself based upon your history and needs, 
not a cookie-cutter program that you would get at a substance abuse treatment center.
1 on 1 drug treatment and recovery with Dr Gerald Busch MD.